Switch refund or exchange policy:

If you are not satisfied with your purchases the refund or exchange of your item/items can be within 3 days of purchase date as long as it remains in original brand new condition, in original sealed packaging with purchase receipt and symbolic booklets, in case of loss of packaging materials, manuals or accessories. 


Switch reserves the right to request an identification card and contact information.

The original invoice is required for all refund, exchange or repair services for guarantee validation, and the item/s must be in their original condition with all their additions and contents.

Switch reserves the right to accept or refuse a request for refund or exchange of any product/s sold.



3 Days Return Policy:


You may return items/item within 3 days from original purchase date on most products excluding: Computers, LED’s, laptops, monitors, mobiles, printers, inks & toners, batteries, accessories, camcorders & digital cameras. Certain exceptions apply in case of factory malfunction.

The refund mechanism is the same as purchase mechanism. Cash for cash or credit card for credit card reimbursement (Switch is not reliable for the time period on credit card reimbursement, which may take 2-4 weeks based on service provider). 2% of item value will be deducted if return is approved.



7 Days Exchange Policy:


You may exchange item/s within 7 days from original purchase date on most products excluding: computers, LED’s, laptops, monitors, mobiles, printers, inks & toners, batteries camcorders & digital cameras, accessories. The exchange transaction approved shall be the same purchase value or highest value. Discounted or sale items are not returnable or exchangeable


None Returnable or Exchangeable Items:


This includes mobiles, laptops, projectors, digital cameras, computers and monitors, TV screens, MP3 players, memory cards, storage units, hard disks, computer memory, copiers, routers, fax machines, printers.  spare parts, accessories, personal care appliances, pens, music disks, video games, and consumables such as liquid, and dry inks, cylinders, prepaid phone cards, and products that have been damaged, opened or used.


Items opened or used; computer software, pens, music discs, and video games, cannot be returned or exchanged.


*Any used product cannot be returned or exchanged unless defective by manufacturer (within warranty)

Promotional materials:


Any product included in a bundle offer (e.g. buy TV, get free cable) is also non-returnable or exchangeable.

promotional items/item such as bundles or promotions cannot be returned or exchanged or refunded.


Note regarding personal data when exchanging or returning product/s due to manufacturer defect:


Switch is not responsible for any personal data, and materials from any recovered or replaced goods (such as: computer or storage materials).



  • please remove all personal data prior to returning or exchanging the product
    - Advertising items are not subject to price protection policy.
    - All returned goods are subject to Switch process (inspection before returning or exchanging them).
    -  Some products are subject to 24-hour warranty (Operational warranty) only – ask customer service for details.
    Switch reserves the right not to return or exchange the goods.
    -  A laptop warranty is related to hardware issues, and does not cover operational software.

  • Items/ Products Renewal Fees:
  • 25% of item/s value will be deducted if return is approved and the item/s is not in its original condition/packaging and has to be accompanied by original invoice. 


  • We reserve the right to accept or refuse to return or exchange your product.